About MorFIT Gym:

Formerly Fitness First and Gold’s Gym North Potomac, MorFIT Gym is a privately owned fitness center in North Potomac, Maryland. The brand was created to enhance the athletic offerings and programs in the Darnestown/Gaithersburg area.

At MorFIT, we aim to provide an all-in-one experience for our members. Each studio within the gym has been developed with the specific needs of our community in mind. We employ only the most experienced and accredited trainers ready to help turn fitness goals into milestones. We offer a wide range of classes including Les Mills, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, and Bootcamp.

Welcome From Morgan:

Hello MorFIT Family! My name is Morgan Barnes, and I am the CEO of MorFIT Gym. I would like to be the first to welcome you to the new gym. I cannot wait to work with you towards achieving better health and fitness.

As a trainer, nutrition coach, and long time member of the gym, my motivation for the acquisition was to create a functional space to cater to the very individualized needs of my clients and friends. There was an overwhelming need for stronger leadership, better fitness programs, larger class availability, and a more comfortable gym experience. Over the last year, I have worked with Gold’s Gym to purchase and renovate the space to reflect the wants and needs of our community. I am happy to now offer the changes you have asked for and thank you for the opportunity to make this gym your forever home. Thank you for being an invaluable member of this North Potomac community staple. It is my honor to welcome you to the MorFIT Gym family!

Yours respectfully,
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MorFit Mission

At MorFit, our mission is to provide a superior training experience for our members. Our members get MORE as a result of our complete approach to fitness, nutrition, and overall health.

Membership Options

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