Laurent’s 10 Week Transformation

You’ve seen him on Dr.Oz, Oprah and hundreds of TV shows. Now you can see Laurent Amzallag LIVE at MorFIT Gym.

"Get ready to transform your health and life with Laurent’s Transformation Plan by YALA Fitness. For the first time ever, Laurent will be teaching his program live at MorFIT Gym."

Laurent is a world-recognized personal trainer and creator of the first complete Mediterranean lifestyle and fitness program. Laurent’s Transformation has been used by over 1,000 people as an online program to learn and forge healthy habits for fitness, health, and nutrition. For the first time ever, Laurent is taking his Transformation class LIVE exclusively at MorFIT Gym.

Join us for our complimentary strength and condition class taught by Laurent on Saturdays at 12:00 pm

10 Week Program – 3 Areas of Focus:

1- Healthy Behaviors

Behavioral component ­ Laurent understands that in order to thrive, you have to create “the habits of success.” For 10 weeks, Laurent will help you easily incorporate all the behaviors and daily rituals needed to be successful. These new rituals will become anchored over time and will become part of the “new you” (or DNA). Every week, a behavioral chart will be sent so you can track your progress.

2- Healthy Eating

Healthy eating component ­ Laurent doesn’t believe in dieting; he believes in eating healthy. When you eat healthy and become healthy, your body automatically transforms.

3- Workout Plan

Each week, Laurent will send you new workout sequences designed to improve your 5 biomotors which are: strength, coordination, endurance, balance and flexibility. Most sequences take 30 to 40 minutes (some less). They are designed to maximize results.
In order to keep your motivation strong, you will also have access to a 24/7 closed Facebook group where you will be able to post questions, share recipes and get a little kick in the butt the days when you just can’t seem to find the inspiration to workout.
Laurent will also send you a series of videos. It will feel like having him as your private coach the whole way.

All the elements for you to succeed are included in this Transformation Plan. If you are truly ready to become the best version of yourself, this program is for you.

Laurent’s 10 Week Transformation Includes:

10 Week Online Training Program

Daily Workout Program with videos

Weekly Health and Habit Challenges

Nutrition and Meal Guide with Recipes

In Home Workouts

Facebook Community

Live Fitness Class with Laurent

Laurent Transformation Pricing

1- MorFIT Members $49.99 Per Month

Includes online program and weekly group class

2- Non-MorFIT Members $69.99 Per Month

Includes online program and weekly group class. Access to gym is limited to class time.

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